12th October 2019 Matched Pairs DBA

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12th October 2019 Matched Pairs DBA

Postby Baldie » Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:44 pm

Hi All

12th October in Bakewell is a DBA matched pairs tourney.

Any two armies from any period.
Only rule is they must be an allowed enemy of each other so no Crusaders and Early Imperial Romans for e.g.

Each game you roll off with your opponent to see who's pair you use. Trick is that if it is your armies that get used the opponent chooses which of the two you will fight with. This stops you taking a killer army and a duff one as you will pretty much have to play the duff one.

You can take enough figs for all the allowed options or just a 12 element army.

It works really well and means it is unlikely you will face 5 elephants for e.g.

This time there is an optional twist, you can just take the lists you want but organiser has asked that if we are able to take forces with at least six bow, pike or aux stands we are using some additional rules to test them.

I am def going and am happy to drive if anyone wants a lift, let me know early so I can let the organiser know.

It really is a great day out and Bakwell is of course also rather famous for well Bakewell so plenty to eat.

Costs a £5.00 which is a bargain. You also get unlimited tea and coffee and snacks and there are even prizes I hear, non have made their way into my hands unfortunately mainly cos Reece keeps killing me.
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Re: 12th October 2019 Matched Pairs DBA

Postby Baldie » Mon Aug 26, 2019 10:02 am

Hi All

For anyone interested in coming here are the rules Simon would like us to trial.

I am taking my EAP vs Spartans

As we are well into double figures as far as entrants are concerned, I thought it would be useful to provide some detail about the event so that people can decide on which pair of armies they would like to bring along. We will be trying out, and feeding back on, Joe Collins' ideas for improving the game as published in the recent May/June 2019 Slingshot magazine. More on this at the bottom of this thread - so read on!

The tournament will start at 1000 on Saturday 12 October at the Medway Centre Bakewell. Directions are here www.medwaycentre.co.uk/contact/ - scroll down to the bottom of the page for the map. There is free parking just outside and we are very close to numerous places where you can get breakfast, sandwiches and take-away lunches. Free tea and coffee is provided.

So far, I have the following down as attending - please let me know if you would like your name added to the list as I will soon need to make a call on whether we need the hall or another room.

Phil Johnson
Mark Johnson
Tim Rogers
Tim Kohler
Jesse Schoor
Stevie Andrews
Frank Shaw
Martin Myers
Scott Russell
Pete Duckworth
Colin Alcock
Paul Murgatroyd

The format oif the day is matched pairs. This means that you will need to bring along any pair of historically matched armies (as defined by the army lists) from any of Books I-IV. Allies are allowed as long as they fit the same time period as the matched pair. You are advised to make the pair as balanced as possible as, when your pair is being used, your opponent will generally get to choose which army to play with. If you want to bring along two armies that are the same number, they should differ by at least 2 elements. You will also need to provide terrain for both armies when defending. Although I expect that most people will be using 15mm armies on 4 cm BW, you are welcome to bring along other scales such as 6mm, 10mm or 25/28mm. 2 x 2 ft boards will be supplied but please bring along your own board if a different size is required. There will be 6 rounds.

The rules we will be testing concern Auxilia, Pike and Bow. Although I am not insisting that players have to bring along armies with these types in them, I would really encourage everyone to consider a pair of armies that does contain them as the matched pairs format is a great opportunity to perhaps pitch armies against each other that would not normally be close fought. Thanks Baldie for getting the ball roliing with an EAP v Hoplites match-up! There will be a prize for the player who scores the most points and who brings along an army with at least six of Pike, Bow and/or Auxilia.

In brief, Joe's ideas are as follows:

Bows - An extra PIP is required other than in first round for a foot element, or group containing foot, to move into frontal contact with Bow.

Pikes - In the case of equal combat scores, non-pike solid foot are recoiled by solid pike.

Auxilia- if total is less than opponents' but more than half, Auxilia are destroyed by Knights if in good going. Recoil 1BW from Pike or Blade, else recoil.


Otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to come along.

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Re: 12th October 2019 Matched Pairs DBA

Postby leopard » Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:38 pm

Need to check whats going on that weekend, have a couple of matched pair armies, the bibical NKE v Nubians and later Normans v Welsh..

Nubians can be made to have 9 bow elements
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Re: 12th October 2019 Matched Pairs DBA

Postby Baldie » Sat Oct 12, 2019 5:25 pm

Another fab day out at Bakewell.
20 players this time which is really good for DBA.

Game 1
Later Carthage vs Polybian Roman - Opponents armies so I chose Romans.
Managed a win with some luck, winning a combat with a roll of a one is always good.

Game 2 Sparta vs Early Persians - My forces and opponent chose Sparta.
I got lucky with the terrain roll and got to put some bad and rough going in to slow the spears. I managed to get an 8Bw fighting the Spartan general, the was overlapped on two sides and hit him in the rear with my general. Fluffed the roll and missed opportunity to kill the Spartan general and give me the victory, two spears had already died to missile fire. Game ended in a draw sooooo close.

Game 3 Papal Italian vs Florentine's. Opponents army and so I chose Florentine. Managed a win after loosing two knights. Psiloi and Solid horde won it for me on a flank, my Command Wagon General was lucky to survive three rounds of combat against the enemy Knight general. Win for me

Game 4 Early Persians vs Spartans. My force and opponent chose Persia. I got terrain and narrowed the table allowing me to get in a big line with no flanks and survived all the arrows on the way in and then speared the enemy bow to death. Win for me

Game 5 Condotte vs Ottomans. Opponents force so I got to choose and went with Condotte. Got taken apart for a bad loss.

Game 6 Palmyrans vs Middle Imperial Rome. Opponents force so I got to choose and went with Rome. Did some dancing and just survived the mass of bows, 5 stands worth, and the knights and managed to get the blades into action. Good solid win for me.

4 Wins
1 Loss - To the winner of the tourney
1 Draw - Very close to a win for me

Ended up third which is great for me.

Looking forward to two HoTT tourneys next and poss one more DBA tourney in November
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Re: 12th October 2019 Matched Pairs DBA

Postby leopard » Sun Oct 13, 2019 3:57 pm

more wins than losses?

this is not the Janco way

I am disappoint
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Re: 12th October 2019 Matched Pairs DBA

Postby Baldie » Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:23 pm

I really tried.
Won a game by rolling a one with my horde, luckily opponent also did same.

Some amazing armies as well, composition and paint job.

Two 6mm armies both based for 25mm games but 6mm figs which looked great.

Gave me a push to crack on with Impetus, off for a couple of weeks again soon so determined to do few hours a day.
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