Welsh open DBA

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Welsh open DBA

Postby Baldie » Sat Jan 25, 2020 10:19 pm

Game 1
My Bosporans vs Pre Islamic Arabs with allies made up of camels.

I got to defend so no dunes which was good.
Dont know if I was lucky or Bill unlucky cos my knights took on camels and light horse with no care in the world.
4-0 win for me in a SOA game

Game 2
Against John's defending Polybian Roman's.
Plough and hills filled the table

Poor pip dice from Rome meant my knights got into the blades and did some choppy choppy
4-0 win for me, master of death and destruction now so nothing could stop me

Game 3
Against Steve's Chinese
Think I got to defend, took not a single pic which is a new record as I usually remember at least the first couple of games

A cloud appeared on the horizon, a cloud in the shape of four crossbow units
Set up badly and didn't get the knights in all game
Crossbows and war wagons took out bow, light horse and worried the generals cav
Pushed blades and enemy's general back against camp with my spear but had to throw in a LH vs X bows I figured it was better than being shot at.
Ended badly, for me at least, with a 2-5 loss for me in another SOA game

That's me out of the cup

Game 4

Vs Chris and his Polybians
Got to defend and great pips meant I could worry some spear and cav whilst hiding from the blades.
At one point the Roman general nearly broke through but a couple of hard flanks and I got a 5-0 win even a bow managed to get a Roman blade in the eye which was their best shot all game, or was it

Game 5

Alexander himself took to the field as Jason took a wall of Pike
Knights took out two pike before the rest ganged up on em. Things didn't look so good with pikes, Alexander and some cav wanting to take out another base.
My general looked for somewhere to hide and sent light horse against psiloi and aux
As a cav started to outflank me Alex rounded up some pike and decided to show his lads how to do the deed.
My spear bravely stepped back, my two bow fresh from success at killing a Roman blade chanced their arm and moved to get one last shot off.
Would you believe it the crack shots hit Alexander in the eye to secure a 5-3 win for me

The plate was in reach as me and Colin faced each other in tie game

Game 6
Vs Colin's Palmyrans who had their own knights

All or nothing kind of guy me so in went knights who took out a blade.
A bit of you slap me I slap you went on as Colin confident in his skills decided to kill me with just half his army.
I threw in LH against his Knight general hoping to get lucky but it was not to be, a bow took out an enemy bow at least
4-2 win for Colin, needed a bit more luck and poss could have got a win but was out played and out rolled

Happy with 4 wins and each game was great with many being closer than score would imply, funny old things your average dice is.

That's average dice not average dice which are all together more average.

Lessons learned, Bosporans like to run down enemy in the open and dont like to see a gun/bow line a dwarf would be proud of.

Gnomes of the day my fast bow, outrageous shot to Alex will live on forever.

Once again great day and a great bunch of peeps, best fun I have had in a school since a certain girl decided the much less bald baldie was the kind of boy she had to get to know better at the first ever red nose day disco.

Florescent socks and a red nose with a Simon le bon hairstyle I was a dish.
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