DBA tourneys

Heard of an upcoming tournament or event that may be of interest to members of the club? Looking for a potential team?

DBA tourneys

Postby Baldie » Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:27 pm

Signed up for Bakewell on Feb 9th armies from around the med, there is a list of forces you can use but it is a big list. I have many, many different Greek types if anyone needs a loaner

http://fanaticus.boards.net/thread/1613 ... t-february

Also Northern Cup at Hammer Head on the 2nd March, this one you only need a dice to play all troops and terrain are set up for you. Price also includes entry to show as well

http://fanaticus.boards.net/thread/1635 ... n-cup-2019
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Re: DBA tourneys

Postby Baldie » Sun Mar 03, 2019 7:32 am

Hammerhead the other day was great.

Some good participation games, fantastic DBA tourney and of course sausage rolls.

I totally forgot to take any pics so cant really do a report but here is how my day went. The afternoon got a bit sketchy but I think the forces I played are correct by not necessarily in the right order.

Prep for the day was to go out in Leeds and get back to my mates house early morning, awoke by my mates son's at 0630 who he had sent to annoy me and Ingo. This may have been partially due to the fact I brought them a bin back of scraps from Gemma's duvet making and showed them how to turn the house into a Christmas scene the night before. his other half thought it was great fun until she text us later to say it had broken the hoover when she was clearing it up.

Norther Cup this year was battles based in Asia, as per the cup template all armies and terrain are pre chosen and provided by the organisers. Boards stay set up with fixed terrain all day.

Points were 4 for a win, 1 for a loss and 0 for a draw. You also got points for bases killed. Hordes, scythed chariots etc did not generate a point.

Game 1 I was Early Samurai vs Sung Chinese. Managed to get my fast blades into the enemy lines and roll up a flank. 8-3 victory. I was third at this stage

Game 2 I was Qara Khitan vs Mongol Conquest. Both armies fully mounted. Most of our forces ended up lined up in a fight to the death with LH staring at each other on one flank. The LH on that side never moved as PIPs were needed to keep our battle lines on the other flank fighting. Got a little lucky with a break though in the enemy turn which meant in mine I hard flanked two LH who were supporting and managed to kill em both as they could not recoil. Ended up being able to outmanoeuvre them then and got an 8-1 win. I was still third after this round

Game 3 I was Asian Skythian's vs Spring/Autumn Chinese. My lads were mainly LH with a couple of Auxillia and a Cavalry General the Chinese were bows, fast poke, fast blades, psiloi and 4 scythed chariots which are pretty much knights. My two aux managed to take out a psiloi but my general was close to gettign surrounded and was close to gettign shot down a number of times. On the other flank the enemy got his knights in my face but crucially only zoc'd the front rank of LH not the rear supports. I had 1 pip, 1 pip, 2 pips for command up to this point but managed to roll a 6 and was able to overlap a knight, hit it in the front with two LH so now it was 3 all with me quick killing him. I risked another set of LH into one of his bow and rather more riskily contacted the other two knights with a single LH to hold em in line. Took out the knight and bow then in next round took out the other two knights as enemy rolled low for pips and couldnt get at me. He admitted he had forgotten that LH quick kill knights despite being -2 in the combat. 8-1 win I think. I made it to the heady hights of second place goign into round 4.

Then the wheels came off. As my body flagged so did the dice.

Game 4 I was later muslim indian vs early hindu and was soundly beaten. Archers took out my aux as I failed to close quickly enough. 8-1 loss Took me back down to third

Game 5 I was Sui Chinese vs Early Tang. My Pike and spears lumbered across the board, my psiloi got shot and run over by chariots and my aux got flanked. Very bad positioning and trying to be clever rather than call a Waaagh meant an 8-1 loss. Down into 8th place.

Game 6 I was Pre vs Early Vedic, or at least I think I was. 4 hordes which don't give away points with bows and some spears. Positioned myself badly and charged up a hill rather than wait to get flanked and though I fought bravely the advantages were all in the enemies favour. 8-2 loss. Crashing my back down to 13th.

Still had a fab day and managed to beat the 2nd and 3rd seeded players which was a highlight. Many thanks to my morning enemies for allowing me to fly so close to the sun then those I played int he afternoon for teaching me the lesson of humility as I crashed back down into the jungle.

Next years theme is snow and sand which will be crusaders, muslims and other knightly forces from the eastern front. If you want to play get signed up and you dont even need to take dice or movement sticks as even they were provided.

I am off to Bakewell for the matched pairs next. Bakewell is has become the largest DBA tourney since back in version 2 days and is a really friendly place to play. Places left if you want to come. Did I mention Bakewell pudding.
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