Feb in Bakewell

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Feb in Bakewell

Postby Baldie » Tue Nov 27, 2018 9:49 pm

Simon is putting on a DBA tourney in February
Six games and you use yours in just three games
Based on forces from around the Mediterranean

Greek or Persian for me I think

If anyone wants to go one thing I have plenty of is various Greek types and successors to loan
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Re: Feb in Bakewell

Postby Baldie » Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:09 pm

Fab day out.

Odd numbered games you played with opponents army and even games you got to play with your own army.

I took Bosporan's if you won you doubled your score and if you lost or drew you just got the score for stands like in a standard game

Game 1 I used Overseas Greeks and got an 8-0 win
Game 2 I was against Libyans and got an 8-1 win, against tourney winner and someone I have never beaten before
Game 3 I was Ptolemaic and got 8-0 win
Game 4 I was against Early Achaemenid Persians and drew 1-2, I know it sounds odd but if you don't win you draw
Game 5 I was Kappadokians and got an 8-0 win when enemy littoral landing went badly
Game 6 I was really doing well in the tourney but I came up against Armenians who mugged me 1-8 loss

In some games people managed 14-0

22 players and I think I was about 7th which I was happy with.

Loads of different armies that I have never played or played against. DBA for me is the perfect tourney game as well. 6 games, lunch and no rush.

Couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Northern Cup at Hammerhead next
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